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So, Why talk to Our Brokerage?

  1. Wealth-Focused Professional Mortgage Advice
  2. Every Available Loan Option
  3. Paperless, Efficient, “Done For You” Service
  4. Action With a Sense of Urgency
  5. Long-Term Relationships
  6. Creating Financial Security for Our Clients
  7. We Guarantee Our Service

Make Financial Security Your Reason Why

Financial Security. Free from the need to work to repay debt. Where you choose how to spend your time each day in a way that suits you. That’s the reason “why” isn’t it? BH Brown Professional Mortgage Brokers moves the conversation from “low interest rates” to one about YOU achieving Financial Security and Wealth. Enjoy more financial success, build wealth faster, and expose yourself to fewer risks compared to dealing with a bank, loan supermarket or digital lender.

Get an Unfair Advantage

  • Engage in Outcome and Ambition-Focused conversations with a Professional Team.
  • Be understood with a personal, long-term, Professional Relationship.
  • Save time with the fastest, easiest application process we know of.
  • Borrow more money on better terms.
  • Dodge the easy-to-make finance mistakes that even seasoned borrowers will make.
  • Get the right Loan Structure to suit your tax and wealth ambitions.
  • Get the lowest cost loan to reach your goals with minimum expenditure and maximum gain.
  • Access exclusive loan products for complex situations.
We will help you define a clear, understandable path to greater wealth, equity and “free cash flow” to build Financial Security

How Our Mortgage Experts Can Help You

Building equity and wealth has nothing to do with low interest rates.

Getting finance to work for you – not a bank – is THE KEY to you achieving the goals of Outright Home Ownership, Investment Success and Financial Security.

Our Clients aspire to become free from the need to earn an income to live a comfortable life.

They include serious investors, self-employed businesspeople with complex affairs, time-poor FIFO technicians and City-based professionals. We also help ambitious first home buyers get it right from the start.

Our clients want an “edge” and greater financial success by having a Professional Mortgage Broker sharing knowledge, guiding them and looking out for their best interests.

Doing Finance Differently

It’s what BH Brown does differently to other brokers, banks, loan supermarkets and ‘no service’ digital lenders that ensures the Success of our Clients.

We are Professional Mortgage Brokers, committed to helping Our Clients purchase homes, investment property and projects.

We can arrange construction loans, unlock “hidden equity” to invest and restructure finance for a smooth transition to retirement.

BH Brown excels in solving large, complex, multi-property and multi-entity deals and has the Reputation to prove it.

  • We deliver wealth-focused mortgage and loan advice
  • We make things happen that our clients had been told weren’t able to be done
  • We are all about relationships
  • We take it personally
  • We have every available loan option from Banks to Private Lenders
  • We employ the latest software almost eliminating paperwork and forms
  • We take responsibility and control over the transaction
  • We work for our clients with a sense of urgency
  • We do whatever it takes to make the deal happen
  • We always talk in terms of Your success
  • We Guarantee Our Service

Always Acting in Your Best Interests

Our Team is fully licensed, certified, regulated and 100% compliant with all Australia lending legislation.

We are a member of Australia’s largest and most respected Mortgage Aggregator – The Australian Financial Group – which grades and trains Our Team.

We consistently receive the equivalent of an “A” grade for our loan applications. What this means for is confidence and peace of mind that we always act in Our Clients’ Best Interests.

We’re serious about doing the right thing and our results prove it.

A Message from Brodie Brown
Managing Broker & Owner
Brodie Brown - BH Brown Mortgage Brokers
Where do you want to be ten years from now?
I always ask my clients this question and they all say roughly the same thing: Financially Secure.
Deep down they want freedom from financial stress, their home unencumbered, and investments that produce the income to afford a comfortable life.
The good news is that this goal is achievable. The bad news most people fail to achieve it.
I blame this failure to succeed on a lack of financial knowledge and discipline, ignorance of what the numbers say and fear of straying from the herd.
This is sad because there are rules and a proven system that if followed, will all but guarantee financial success.
I can’t personally guarantee Your Success, but I can give you professional mortgage advice backed up by more than twenty years of finance, property and business experience.
I Want a Professional Broker

An Impeccable Reputation

Brodie and his team have been AMAZING to work with. They turned around my finance approval in a shortened timeframe; I actually received finance approval and settlement was closed out a week early. Big shout out to Yen who was a dream to work with. I highly recommend BH Brown Mortgage Brokers.
Brodie Brown and the team found a loan solution for a property I had when no one else was able to help. Brodie took the time to understand my requirements and found me a loan when others were unable to assit. The team were fast, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend BH Brown Mortgage Brokers for your loan needs.
Rachelle Lewis
Exceptional customer service, highly efficient in obtaining the best outcome for our mortgage needs in a prompt manner. Would definitely recommend!
Sherrie Baker
The BHB team were absolutely great. Brodie took time to explain the long term view of his strategy which was quite helpful. Thanks for your service!
Babatunde Coker
We cannot recommend Brodie and his team enough! They were experienced and professional in helping us find the right mortgage. After two months from applying with a previous broker and two O&A extensions, we found ourselves with the bank having a lot of questions and the broker completing the application incorrectly.Lucky for us, Brodie and his team took on our application and hustled given our time constraints. They were thorough, educating us along the way and ensured everything was completed. Our application was not straight forward given it was our first mortgage with no previous borrowing history. He helped us find the right service and great rates.We were surprised and extremely grateful that the approval came through with no further questions or document requests from the bank. Settlement was completed swiftly with Brodie’s team communicating with all parties involved.Thank you Brodie and Yen for helping us with our mortgage!
Billie Wheatley
BH Brown Mortgage Brokers did not let us down! Brodie was super helpful and made the process extremely easy for us. It was a hassle free experience with support every step of the way. 10/10 customer service 🙂
Emi Verrecchia
Thank you, Brodie, Yen and team, for being a wonderful group of people to work with. Your accumulative knowledge and expertise made the process of getting a loan and purchasing a property seamless, especially to someone who has next to no knowledge in this field. Furthermore, the extremely fast response time was very commendable, and took a lot of stress out of the process – thanks again, you guys were great!
Can't speak highly enough about Brodie and his team, I didn't make things entirely easy (not deliberately) ... each and everyone has a unique quirk and or situation...but Brodie found away to get it done and saved me a small fortune after refinancing my loans... I keep saying it !! but Thanks again Brodie.
Rob Matteo
I am so grateful to you guys (Brodie, Yen and Molly) for all your great efforts to help us secure a loan that we desired yet seemed impossible for some reason. Brodie, you took us on board in the last minute and the whole process was such a breeze. You guy were very communicative, professional and most importantly KNEW what you were doing. It was such a pleasure to work with you guys as we felt supported and our needs were met to the dot. Thanks again and you guys are champions 🙂
Hi Brodie,I am very pleased that I had you as a mortgage loan advisor to find the best mortgage refinance loan for my daughter's new home. The new monthly repayment is significantly lower, saving her over $6000 a year. Moreover, the way you conducted whole process was so kind and professional, amazing. I admire your determination, effort and knowledge to select right financial option among literally 1000's of others.Many, many thanks,Yours sincerely,Slavko Vujasinovic
Slavko Vujasinovic

Our Broker Guarantee

“If, within the first two years after settlement, you are not 100% satisfied the loan meets your requirements and goals we will pay the cost to refinance and change the structure of the loan.”

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