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An open letter to our friends

Dear Friend,

Stick with me for a few minutes whilst I share some information which might be of help to you…

Wow, what an unpredictable ride it’s been. I can recall settling on fixed loans in October and November 2021 where the interest rates rose twice in the month with us dodging bullets to make sure our Clients received the rate they had signed up for. Since then, the price of money has been steadily yoinked up by the RBA and banks in lockstep.

But, all of this is entirely out of our control. So rather than freaking out about it, we should talk about and concern ourselves with the things in our control.

Take a look at your personal and family balance sheet and income statement. If you don’t have one, make one. Assets aren’t your home or cars or watches or jewellery. Assets are saleable without affecting where you live, they increase in value and product income. Liabilities are any debts outstanding, and maybe your kids, har har.

Your income statement is a snapshot of what remains of your income after you’ve covered all expenses. Sorry if I’m teaching grandma to suck eggs here. Hint: you want a greater balance in the assets and profit columns.

The price of everything (excluding love and hugs and a bunch of other wonderful free things) has increased enough to make us re-think our weekend plans and shopping basket, so It’s time to find money leaks and plug ‘em – quickly. 

Expensive credit such as car loans and credit cards and some buy-now-pay-later schemes (they get you when you aren’t looking) will transfer your wealth from you to the creditor. Getting rid of this debt by having a plan could easily free up cash and put a few hundred bucks back into your pocket each month. If you feel you’re spinning your wheels, we can show you how to consolidate them in the most cost-effective way.

The property market seems to remain robust in Perth, and why wouldn’t it? It’s a bloody beautiful little city on some of the best beaches and weather in the world with a veritable treasure trove in its vast backyard. We’ve had the pleasure of helping plenty of smart, hard-working Clients finance affordable, high-yielding (9%+) property investments in Metro Perth and structuring the finance in a future-proof way. After 21-years in property, finance and business, I’m available for property investment consultation for an affordable fee.

Finally, what about the huge billboards where big, dumb banks place big, dumb advertisements promoting… you guessed it… interest rates! Banks have mega marketing budgets which focus on promoting the sexiest acquisition rate available today (for their plain vanilla dream customers only, mind you) with no explanation given to the real-world dollar cost of long-term mortgages or ‘term loans’. They’re designed to silently pinch your money whilst you sleep, that’s why the majority of people wake up at 55-years old in a sweat because they can’t work out where the millions they’ve earned during their lives has gone. (isn’t it the $$ that matter in the real world, not the %%?)

The interest rate is way, way less important to the years in debt or Debt-Time. Trust me on this, once you understand this concept you will understand exactly how the big four banks are forecasted to make a combined $33 billion this financial year. Clearly, they don’t need any more of your money. This concept is explained in detail in my book Millionaire Mortgage Secrets. Cheesy title, serious content.  (If you haven’t read it yet, or want a PDF sent to you, call the office on (08) 94331312 or email to [email protected])

Just so you know I’m not a hater; banks are a critical component of any economy and should be used by us to create financial security, NOT the other way around.

What you must know, however is that banks want you stuck in debt. As a Professional Mortgage Adviser with more than 165 five-star Google reviews, I want the opposite. Why? Because you making progress means you’ll probably refer us, for which we reward with a $100 voucher to anywhere you choose.

But, with BH Brown Mortgage Brokers on your team, the only thing that should be stuck is this magnet to your fridge. Me and my terrific team of Sue, Troy, Christilyn (Kris) and the ever-helpful Ryeen are here help you move forward, upwards and create a secure, financially independent future.

For anything finance and property, call the office directly on (08) 9433 1312 or email [email protected]