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Blood on The Streets

There are two ways to look at the state of the economy right now.

Option one: you could absorb the fear currently being heavily promoted on every channel, freak out, tighten the purse strings and grab onto everything you own for dear life…Maybe skip the iceberg lettuce for a while.

But 9 times out of 10 this way of thinking will mean you miss out on lucrative opportunities.

You will go backwards faster than you thought you would because you panicked.

Option two: Emulate how the rich act during economic events like what we are experiencing

Opportunity. They can smell it in the air. They’re excited.

Shit, I’m excited!!

‘Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy”’ – A famous line for these times from multi-billionaire Warren Buffet who probably pinched it from Benjamin Graham.

Or we could go really old school JD Rockefeller “The way to make money is to buy when there is blood running in the streets”.

Going against the grain, or being contrarian takes a lot of confidence.

It takes balls…

And of course, knowledge…

Managing a mortgage to create Financial Security without financial knowledge is like taking a feather to a knife fight.

Or a Nerf to a gunfight.

You’re going to lose. And it will be a bloody mess.

The secret of the rich lies in their financial knowledge.

Knowledge builds confidence.

It allows them to take advantage of opportunities (the definition of capitalism) that the Average Joe can’t even see.

Like the best competitors in every field from pianists to pole vaulters, chief executives to executive chefs, mathematicians to motivational speakers, the most knowledgeable, most practised, most confident players will always win.

You’ve never seen a top footy team win without a winning coaching team, have you?The rich have always got their team of advisors and mentors.

The term is “family office”, which is basically a small team of experts who advise the heads of the rich family on how and where to deploy and invest their capital.

Imagine a discreet, gorgeously refurbished federation home in Peppy Grove furnished with chesterfields, antiques, an eviable art collection and the smartest investors, accountants, financial and legal counsel money can buy.

They pay a small fortune for this advice, but you don’t have to…

You can start with a complimentary Mortgage and Finance Consultation with me.

Only in some complex situations do we need to charge a fee, for most other situations, a Lender will pay us a referral fee.

Now you’ve got no excuse.

Brodie Brown