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Choosing the right Broker.

Are you planning on purchasing a property or remortgaging soon?


Are you speaking to a less-than-professional, no-advice-given loan supermarket type “brokerage” like Lendi or dealing directly with a bank?




We are the tissue-bearing helpers who come into mop up the mess that banks, budget digital lenders and loan supermarkets make for their customers.


It’s not so much that they make the mess, it’s that they do not provide the ADVICE which is so crucial to financial success.


You don’t know what you don’t know.


If you don’t know ALL the options and you don’t know how truly wealthy people structure their finances, then how will you reach financial independence?


You don’t have a chance. Blunt but true.


In addition to the “advice piece” being conspicuously absent, you will waste hours of your time being the sheepdog rounding up all the parties to the deal (settlement agent, real estate agent, the seller/buyer or both, including the bank or wet behind the ears newbie at the loan supermarket).


How do I know? Because I field the complaints and have to correct the mistakes when the heat is on at the 11th hour. 


For example: would you entrust your tax affairs to H&R Block or prefer to have a real tax-nerd who’s ex-Big 4 Accounting firm to legally reduce your tax bill? No brainer.


We heavily promote our “Done-for-You” service – where you don’t have to fill out any forms or paperwork. All you need to do is agree and sign. That’s the first part.


The MAJOR part, which is not considered, is the IMMENSE TIME COST you save by having my company manage the transaction. 


Getting a single purchase settled on time can cost you hours and hours of your time. 


Getting a concurrent ‘bank switch’, plus refinance and purchase settled on time can cost you hours and hours and hours and hours. We’re talking days of your time – it can become a part-time job!


Why? Because when the deal becomes more complex, there’s multiple parties and lots of moving parts and mind-changing and useless real estate and settlement agents so… it can get pretty tricky. 


I’ve got an excellent full-time and well-paid team of four in my office that are all over our business every single day. 


I’ve got dedicated staff to get deals across the line and settled on time WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME. 


A quick side note – few brokers do the volume of business we do and have exposure to as many real estate and settlement agents as we do. FYI – most of them are hopeless. That’s the sad truth. The good ones really shine and are a pleasure to deal with. We can help with this. 


Choose your real estate and settlement agent carefully – they will make your life and the process so much easier and delete the stress. I implore you not to make a decision based on the commission they charge but on their reputation and expertise they offer. 


Choosing between BH Brown Professional Mortgage Brokers, direct-to-bank, a no-advice loan supermarket like Lendi, budget no-frills lender or other new fintech thing you found online should be pretty easy. 


You’ll notice that all the other players only talk about one thing: the interest rate. 


This cost is completely out of your control and will probably change tomorrow. 


The costs you should be thinking about are:

  1. The time and opportunity cost of having a second-rate team helping you
  2. The long-term financial cost of getting no advice or worse, bad advice
  3. The long-term financial cost of being in debt longer than necessary
  4. The long-term financial cost of not investing
  5. The lifestyle cost of being “unwealthy” because you ignored the 4 costs above


If you’re a smarter than most people and want to: 

  • Create wealth and financial security through smart management of your finances 
  • Get educated, understand how the system works and how to get it to work for you 
  • Get out of debt way faster and free up cash to invest 
  • AND get the sharpest rates in Australia


…Then you should speak to us 


To learn exactly how we can help you move ahead financially, starting with your mortgage, you can request a free 10-minute phone appointment with me, Brodie Brown ==>HERE