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Delayed Gratification

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Delayed gratification is a vitally important concept to wrap your head around.

In some ways it ties into the Buddhist’s journey to nirvana, which is, amongst other things. that place where the mind is completely still because you are, in essence, fully content with everything in your world as it is right now.

Which is really all in our heads anyway.

Successful wealth creators, business builders, entrepreneurs and investors, embrace the idea of Delayed Gratification, or forget about it altogether.

What this means, is that you must reach the point where you are completely happy with what you have now – in most senses – because you KNOW deep inside that at some point in the future, you will have those other things you crave.

These could be material, experiential, financial or emotional, or some other type of ‘al’.

Understanding that it’s human nature to always want ‘more’ of something is key.

Then having the conciliatory conversations with yourself that, really, you don’t need ‘more’ of that thing you crave.

Also, realising that this is a constant, life-long, sometimes bloody annoying pest of a thought you will have to deal with is critical.

And if you don’t deal with it, you’ll never be calm and have peace of mind.

Take the last thing you obtained that you felt you really needed or wanted. After you bought it, how much do you really care about having it now and did you notice that as soon as you bought it, you wanted the next thing?

The human mind… We’ve been trying for thousands of years to calm it the f**k down.

So what’s my point here? I’m not sure there is one.

Just to say that the gratification will likely be delayed – indefinitely – until you become happy and content with what you have right now, in every sense, and then you don’t need it.

But being happy doesn’t mean you have to be satisfied. And we should never be satisfied with everything in our lives or we stop growing. Hey, you might be impatient and need to work on that.

I know you think that your worries will be over once you have a portfolio, and a few hundred gees in the bank, but – and trust me on this – your worries and problems will only grow with more stuff in your life. Then you’ll have to learn how to keep it.

This is why mindset is so vital to Financial Security – it’s a feeling.

You must always be doing, and putting in place those things that reassure you that everything will be okay if the shit hits the fan.

And then you remind yourself that you live in Australia and, well, how bad could it get?

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Brodie Brown

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