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Get the FINANCE PLAYBOOK of Australia’s WEALTHIEST people.

Learn How you can pay off your mortgage incredibly FAST, save money and years of being in debt.

Working alongside extremely wealthy individuals in business, property and finance has taught me that rich people play by a very different set of rules. They somehow manage to rapidly smash out vast loans, then use that wealth and the free cash flow to exponentially expand their wealth further still.

These VITAL, critically fundamental economic life skills MUST be learned and used in our lives if we are to ever competently and confidently tackle significant debt like a mortgage or any large property finance commitment.

That’s why I wrote this book and why you need to download and read it today!!


“Brilliant job by Brodie in getting us an incredible rate – a reduction of about 1.3% – with loans on multiple properties we are now saving close to $17,000 a year!…
We had been with ANZ for 30 years, so I was very doubtful about changing, but so glad we did. Everything was very smooth and easy and Brodie was extremely helpful, totally professional, and put real effort into finding the best solution for us. I would highly recommend contacting Brodie. You would have to be crazy to stay with the big 4 at this point, you can do so much better.”

– Penny Cookson

Gavin & Shirley

Mark & Annie

Paul & Carol

Shane & Meg

Izzy & Pete


Brodie Brown

Brodie Brown is not your average mortgage broker. In an 18-year career that stretches from high profile property sales in London’s busiest sales office to fintech and fashion start-ups, property investment and finance broking, he’s amassed a detailed working knowledge of finance and business which is underpinned by one very important element – credit.

He brings broad perspective, deep experience, and impressive knowledge to his client’s mortgage and finance challenges. It wouldn’t matter if his client is an academic or astronaut, manager or millionaire, the service is the same and he’s behind them every step of way. Forward but always professional, he calls it as he sees it and will be your most staunch and dependable ally whether you owe $500,000 or $5m.

“Highly recommended! Brodie’s customer service was excellent. His advice and knowledge on loan structures along with his dedication to provide me the best possible product has set up my family’s financial future.

Thanks again mate”

Danny G

Answers to Your Questions

What’s it cost?

This seems kind of crazy to say but our clients pay nothing. The lender will pay us a commission if and when we do transact or refinance the loans of a client.

Is it Risk-free?

There is zero risk in downloading this book. If you would like us to improve your finance situation, then we would openly and honestly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the action we’re considering taking.

If this book is so good, why give it away?

This information needs to be read and understood by as many people as possible, even if you think you ‘know it all’. My aim as a Finance Specialist and broker is to educate – this ebook is just one way to achieve that.

What exactly do you do?

Technically I’m a Mortgage and Finance Broker but that’s hardly descriptive. I work closely with my clients to align their loans and finance to their life goals. This might involve refinancing and restructuring loans, introducing clients to unassociated but trusted professionals to close the loop and give a complete service.

What are your qualifications?

I have a Commerce Degree majoring in Business Law and Marketing, plus a Certificate IV in Mortgage and Finance Broking. My credit representative number is 499384 and our current aggregator is Finsure.

What will I do with your info?

Myself or one of our team will email and call you to follow up and get your thoughts on the book and offer our help. If you’re genuinely interested in improving your financial position, you will actually need to take some action, so a conversation with us will be the first step to figuring out how we improve things for you.

Am I obliged in any way?

Not at all. I’d really like your business though, and I hope this book proves I know what I’m talking about.

Can you afford not to read this book?!

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HURRY, this FREE offer is available for a limited time only.

Here’s why:

We reckon you’ll love this book and want our help.  But because we are a specialist property finance company (not a generic home loan factory) we can only accept a maximum of 5 new clients per week to maintain our exceptional service standards.

If, after reading this book, you can honestly tell me that you learnt absolutely nothing new, I GUARANTEE you will not hear from me again. EVER.

Brodie Brown

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Brodie Brown is an Authorised Credit Representative of Australian Finance Group Ltd. Australian Credit Licence 389087. The Information provided by Brodie Brown is general in nature and does not take into consideration your personal financial situation. It is for educational purposes only and does not constitute formal financial advice. Brodie Brown is not a financial adviser and is not liable for any loss caused due to negligence or otherwise arising from the use of, or reliance on, the information provided directly or indirectly by him.

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