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Embracing Responsibility and Empowering Change.

Some do it in business.

Some do it in love.

Some do it in life.

Some do it everyday.

On the job.

On the road.

In the office.

With the kids.

They externalise responsibility and blame others for their situation. 

They blame others for things not working out.

For the way they feel.

You know when you’re speaking to someone like this because it’s reminiscent of speaking to a small child.

They don’t own up. They can’t, don’t, won’t articulate their shortcomings and propose ways they could do better, then plot and adhere to a course. 

It’s always someone else’s fault. They play the victim card. They buy into others’ victimhood and drama. 

You’ll know who they are because drama follows them like the cloud of smell trails Pepé le Pew. 

Observe the most spiritually, romantically, financially, relationally successful people and listen to them step up and own that shit. Observe how deeply happy they are. 

I’m reading Berkshire Hathaway’s Letters to Shareholders at the moment and my main man Warren is front and centre owning everything. Arnie is another one who publicly does the same. Happy mums and dads do it too, I’ve noticed. Come to think of it, the happiest people I know are the most emotionally and socially responsible. They bear no resentment, guilt, nor shame. 

Successful people own it. They never pull the victim card. 

And your kids are misbehaving? Their fault? Take a look in the mirror. 

Your other half is acting indifferent? Yeah, that’s you. 

They are draining the bank account? Their fault? No. Yours.

You’re 50 years old and have $10k in cash? That’s yours to own too. 

Listen, if you are on my list, live in Australia, speak English, are mostly able bodied, have a brain and a heart and soul, but are feeling like the world’s against you, then you have no legitimate reason to blame anyone else for where you are right now. 

Conversely, if you’re killing it, living a rich, fulfilling, rewarding and profitable life, then you probably have every reason to be grateful to those people who’ve helped you get to where you are.

I’m tired of speaking to people who can’t own their situation. Especially younger people 40 or less. It’s YOU, my friend.  No one is entitled to anything in this life. Everything is up to you.

Who else can it be?

There has never been more help at our fingertips. 

Make today the day you own it. Reflect. Become more introspective. Look inwards rather than outwards for solutions. Sit still and contemplate shit. Soften your tone. Be gentle and kind to others and yourself. Think more. Say no to your kids more often. Ditch social media and have a real conversation instead. Read history books. Realise how much better things are today than in generations past. Take charge. Make changes. Ring fence yourself from negative people. Step away from that toxic relationship and rid yourself of energy vampires. Take the short-term pain for long-term gain. Get your head into and around your financial situation. Realise budgeting is bullshit. Don’t beat yourself up. Be serious about your life. Be happy with your lot.

And the upside if you do? Things can change for the better very quickly.

It’s the coach in me that gives this kind of pep-talk in my free 10-minute intro property and finance consultations too. Book yours here. Maybe a good one-on-one kick up the butt is what you really need? 



Brodie Brown

BH Brown Mortgage Brokers