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Finding A Trusted Builder

If they’re not already broke, most builders are taking an eternity to produce accurate fixed-price quotes. 

Let alone commence construction…

One of the issues is that it’s easy to say you’re a builder and make it up as you go along. I’ve got a long list of fly-by-night, wannabe builders with dumb, macha names plastered over their boganised Landcruisers who pop up when the market is good, claiming they can build. 

But actually… they don’t know what they’re doing. 

Much of what they build is dogsh*t and I personally know a builder who sold his company because he was ashamed and embarrassed by the cardboard crap he was forced to build to make a profit in the cut-throat world of volume-home building.

And you’ve also got the gross building reps to deal with.

They’re either part-time newbies being churned and burned, drones attracted to the industry because they heard it was a good way to make coin, indifferent middle-aged wannabe property people who don’t really care about anything other than the commissions, and then finally, the unicorn; the stand-out, consummate professional.

Sadly, the Trusted Professional is very hard to find in the building industry. 

Very recently a first home buyer was strung-out for four months waiting for plans (while I toed the line trying to delay the land sales guys from pulling the contract) only for the builder to come back with another 15% on the price they originally quoted!!


  • Are you in a similar boat?
  • Are you on the “meet a builder” merry-go-round and can’t tell the difference between real and phoney?
  • Has your builder just jacked up the price by 15% over what was originally quoted?
  • Would you prefer a non-volume built type package home?
  • Custom home?
  • Custom multi-unit investment property?
  • Subdivision and multi-townhouse?
  • Granny-mansion?
  • Major renovations?

If you don’t want to deal with a slippery, testosterone-pumped building rep-greaseball and would prefer to deal with an absolute gentleman, professional, veteran and expert… I have the guy for you.

Plus he’s backed up by one of Australia’s, certainly WA’s most highly regarded private building companies (in business since the 60’s) so you get an incredibly high level of expertise PLUS super-sharp pricing that only a top volume-home builder can offer. 

Just send me a quick message letting me know what your situation is, what stage you’re at and how you’d like to be helped. 

I’ll pick it up from there and make the introduction. 

Sorry, I have to screen enquiries for suitability as I don’t want my guy to get bogged down dealing with the wrong type of people, it makes me look bad, too. Serious enquiries only, please. 

Here to help you however we can. 

Brodie Brown 

Professional Mortgage Broker