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Going to the gym vs. getting fit

At primary and early high school, I was a chubby, cheeky, class clown with an asthma wheeze who got picked on because I sucked at sport. That made me uncool. 

Until the age of 12 I was hopeless at anything resembling exercise. I had terrible asthma. I used to stop running during PE classes because I couldn’t breathe. So what did I do? I used to panic and sometimes cry – mainly out of frustration and bruised pride at being a loser. 

The scientific studies on asthma made it clear that swimming and cardiovascular activity was shown to decrease the effects of asthma. The doctors said I might even grow out of it. 

Mum was a state swimmer who got me in the pool in Geraldton every other day. Dad exercised every morning (still does). I looked up to them and the older, sportier guys at school. I wanted to be like them. 

There was no choice. I kept on doing all the sports. But I still sucked. 

That was until year 10. By this stage I was rowing A grade and could swim and play hockey with little stress from lack of breath. I was dobbed into the 1500m at the inter-house athletics carnival as the “loser” who couldn’t do any other race. And…..behold… I blitzed it. 

So began a total transformation in body, mind, confidence and my life has been changed ever since. I never imagined I’d stroke the First VIII or captain cross country. I still train everyday and can’t remember a time when I haven’t. I never want to lose what I feel I worked hard to gain. 

Over the years I’ve devoured books and studies on diet, health and fitness. 

At the gym, there’s no rest. There’s no iphone with chats open. That thing is OFF. I’m darting between three stations at the same time. Lots of leg work. 90 mins later I’m limping out of the gym drenched and feeling good.

Michael Jordan’s trainer – Tim Grover – the guy who turned MJ from tall-skinny to fearsome beast so he could handle the physicality of the Detroit Pistons – says “it’s not a training session unless you need a shower afterwards”. i.e. you’re drenched in sweat.

I love to see other people smashing it – whether on the pavement (like a runner absolutely tearing it up), the bike, windsurfing, skiing, rugby union, whatever. 

I respect them all because I appreciate the work that’s gone into it.

These people are making progress because they are always out of their comfort zone. 

I’ve witnessed some phenomenal transformations over the years. 

The people that don’t make progress with their body stay unhealthy and fat because they remain in their comfort zone. 

These are the zombies who waste their time on the treadmill watching the TV screen, getting dumber on instagram, and gas bagging on their phone.

These are the people drinking 300 kcal latte’s walking and talking and having a laugh. Guts and butts jiggling in active wear they shouldn’t be wearing. These are the excuse makers. They think “joining the gym” means “getting fit”. 

They cite studies that claim that we burn more fat at a lower heart rate so stay within their comfort zone and walk instead of incrementally building up to a run. If that bullshit had any truth in it, why are they fat and the runners who just overtook them lean and mean?

It’s impossible to make progress in anything without getting out of your comfort zone. 

Making and keeping permanent change is a serious business. And you must make sacrifices

Other than your health, nowhere in your life is this more important than your finances.

To create wealth you MUST work hard. Have excellent money habits. Be financially educated and intelligent. Be okay with making mistakes. 

You need to study money, numbers, terminology, business, property, more business, more numbers.

You probably need a coach or mentor of some sort. You need to stick at it and you need to be VERY patient, it’s a long journey – believe me I know.

Just going through the motions, like idling spinning the wheel of the exercise bike, will keep you Financially FAT. 

You want to be Financially Fit, right? 

Lots of equity, lots of cash, income while you sleep, lots of assets, right? Right?!!

All this mental exercise and sweat adds up to Financial Security. 

Well, don’t let the truth offend you and get to it!

Read that book, add up those expenses, upskill, write the budget, ask for a raise, have the embarrassing conversation, ask for help, sack your accountant, lose the loyalty to your bank, start to make the time and financial investments required, have the balls to tell the kids they can’t have that thing, stop spending on shit you don’t need which is holding you back. 

Start by reading my book. Then once you’ve read it, request a free 10-min intro consultation with me so I can show you how we can help you get financially fit. Starting with your mortgage. 


Brodie Brown

Professional Mortgage Broker