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How to minimise risk when developing property

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked for my advice on property investing, I’d have the almost passive income question well and truly answered. 

Where, what, when, how much, what type, and on and on.

Much like nutrition and dieting, property investing is visceral, a bit like religion. 

Ask 50 people and you’ll receive a range of different answers that typically relate to their own, or more often, vicarious experiences of making money out of property. 

Like people who subscribe to the belief they ‘burn less fat at low heart rates so I walk to lose weight’ but remain fat, most wannabe’s don’t do the maths. 

Equations like Internal Rate of Return or Net Present Value for example, are considered too much like hard work, if they’re considered at all.

Anyway, my point is that investing isn’t like a religion. 

Investing is mathematics. That’s why most people suck at investing. 

They act emotionally. From the gut or heart… and they fail. 

They continue to fail again, then they never go near it again – to their long-term financial detriment. 

Why are the World’s wealthiest people so eye-wateringly rich? They’re fucking good at maths.


I’m just okay at maths, but have a few people around me that are very, very good at it, and this is what I want to talk to you about. 

The list of questions I’m asked can be answered nearly as simply as this: Where will you get the greatest return – a financial/mathematical equation – in a way that matches your risk tolerance? 

The problem is, this question takes too long for most people to answer. So what do they do? 

They go and pay a “property guru” to do the hard work for them. 

What do they care about your success? Sweet FA. 

What they do care about is how much money they can transfer from your pocket to theirs without breaking the law. 

That’s not to say that the world is devoid of trustworthy service providers. In fact, there’s a handful around. 

The challenge is; where are they, who are they, and can you afford their services? 

You want to know what a structural engineer might charge a big-time developer? Try $50,000. 

You don’t have that kind of money, but you must understand that if that is what’s being spent at the big end of town, there’s some serious emphasis being put on the expertise of consultants. 

I heard last week that investing in a $50,000 consultant rather than a $15,000 consultant could result in cost savings amounting to 10x their more expensive fee. I’d pay that to be safe, any day of the week. 

Is this you? => You want to make money out of property but after years of dicking around, with no forward progress (i.e. you were scared and sat on the sidelines between 2013-2019) you’ve finally realised you don’t have the time, experience or expertise to do it yourself, but you’ve got the equity, borrowing capacity and are prepared to pay a consultant a reasonable fee to GET IT DONE. 

Well… after four years of searching, interviewing, wading through BS, a false start or two, I’ve finally found and vetted a trustworthy, reputable, realistic consultant that speaks my language. 

Actually we kind of found each other. 

Doing something totally unrelated to our respective businesses, which is why we’ve had such a good experience – the relationship was built first on common interests, then friendship, then business.

If you have access to approximately $250k in usable equity PLUS a borrowing capacity of more than $600,000, net of other commitments, and have moved past the point of being “sold” the idea of owning property to create Financial Security, then schedule a 10-minute phone consultation with me >>HERE.

Before you book the consultation though, please understand this is a serious, professional relationship you might be entering into where our hourly rates start at $250, therefore, we’re not ‘catching up for coffee’ or ‘can I come to your office for a chat’.

The days of my giving away property advice for free are long gone. 

Both Anton and I run highly successful businesses in our own right, we’re not doing this to exponentially grow our businesses. We’re doing this because I didn’t want to see any more tears on my boardroom table from Clients who had squandered their equity, life savings and irreplaceable time on foolhardy ventures with unscrupulous operators. 

In property, if you fail once, it’s game over. Beware of your own hubris – if you’ve not done it before, don’t do it without a mentor or consultant, however smart you think you might be. You’ve been warned.

Finally, before an introduction is made, you will be fully qualified for financial eligibility by my team.

Hopefully I’ve scared the tire-kickers and dreamers off by now. Serious folks reading this, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 


Brodie Brown

Professional Mortgage Broker