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Mindset “Must Haves”

There’s a small handful of mindset ‘must haves’ which I believe are fundamental to financial success.

The first is positivity. Not to be confused with overconfidence, or out of control enthusiasm. 

Positivity means maintaining a consistently optimistic attitude. 

To life, to your plans and goals, to the struggles and dumb shit which gets in our way. In our relationships, to our teams and staff. To the knob that pulls off Leach highway without indicating and at a snail’s pace forcing you to pull up hard. 

I’m in the process of investing in a beaut little property in North Fremantle and the haters be giving me all the reasons why not. 

You don’t think I know the market has run hard? They might not understand that the market has only just got back to where it was in 2013 and if you ask me, what I’m buying is terrific value if compared to what else is available in Australia for the price. 

It’s 8 mins to Leighton, 4 mins to the train, 4 to the river and is not an apartment. In 20 years time, do you think it will be worth less?

Plus it’s the right price right now and I want to live here.

The naysayers and haters are always going to hate. Avoid them. Don’t let their messed up heads kill your vibe. 

The second is humility. One thing you might not know about me is that I started selling real estate in London’s busiest property office at 22 where we did £1m in fees each WEEK. 

I can sell. The grand fromage knew this, and took me aside in a stewardly manner one day and said “Brodie, mate when you get good at this and start to make good money, whatever you do, don’t become cocky”.

Coming from a dude I looked up to and someone who is very successful in his field, I’ve never forgotten it. Too many of the real estate agents I speak to never learnt that lesson.

To their great long-term detriment and loss and to the gain of the humble professional agents, which do exist. 

You made good coin with crypto, you got a few investments right, you’re getting paid well now, your business has taken off, you’ve lost 20kgs and have abs, your man has the face of Brad and the body of Mark. Sorry, I’m out of touch, insert whichever Hollywood hunk. 

No one cares. What they care about is how you treat them. And that you’re humble, honest, genuine, real, soft and down to earth. 

I think the retention of wealth and financial success is due in some part to the ability to remain grounded. The Universe rewards humility in this way. It will snatch money from those that transgress. 

Finally… knowledge. Knowledge breeds confidence. Knowledge and confidence together create good decisions. Good decisions create action. Action creates experience which creates feedback which creates wisdom. 

Becoming the wise man (or woman) is worthy goal. 

The business, finance and marketing Yoda is what I want to be. That’s why I ingest quality information until I literally can’t read anymore. 

I’ve recently discovered newspapers leave me unsatisfied. Like I didn’t actually learn anything. I get a lot more from books and long documentary or subject specific webinar presentation thingies. 

You don’t have to do this. You do your thing. But in doing so, you might bear in mind these three mindset truisms that have served me and the most successful people I know of, so well…

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Brodie Brown

Professional Mortgage Broker