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The 8 ‘Hidden’ Money Laws The Banks Don’t Want You To Know

All Revealed In My New Book: How To Get Paid And Not Played

This bloke and his wife walked into my office recently. They had almost everything but behind the scenes they were in absolute financial turmoil…

400k per year combined salary, a nice house, new utes, jetskis…. The lot.

They (my clients) had all the gear (and income) but no idea.

It wasn’t their fault though, like most Aussies they hadn’t had wealthy parents to show them the ropes of money management.

And no I’m not talking about cutesy orange debit cards and Mojo bank accounts.

I’m talking about real money laws, the kinds you won’t read about in a newspaper column.

The kind that you won’t hear about at a family barbecue.

Money laws that are strictly the secrets of the rich and normally don’t see the light of day.

Until now.. But before I go on let me introduce myself…

You see, I’ve always been fascinated by how the rich manage their money.

And how seemingly average-earning people can build vast fortunes using basic but sound money principles.

That’s why I do what I do. I am a Fremantle-based Mortgage Broker and without tooting my own horn, one of the best in the country.

But for me, my interest goes deeper than just loans. People buy property to one day create a sense of [true] financial security. One that doesn’t bat an eyelid at a financial crisis.

A financial foundation that doesn’t shake under pressure and grows every year.

Something to pass down to their kids.

Yet so many people end up in predicaments they have nightmares about.

Most people will try to tell you it’s a timing thing. “You have to time the market” blah blah blah.

Or “you need to get that interest rate lower” or “You just need to advance your career and earn more income”.

Yet, why is it that (some) of the wealthiest people in Australia have done it seemingly without any of those things?

How do I know all this? (And why should you even listen to me?)

Well, two reasons;

1. Many of the wealthier folk here in Perth are actually my clients. And most of these guys started with a small home loan… And over the years built up hordes of wealth that most people only fantasize about.

And 2. I spent 12 months finding and interviewing some of the smartest (and wealthiest) minds in Australia when it comes to managing money.

And from what I discovered there are really only 8 laws that most of the financially strongest Aussie families have religiously followed to get there.

And you don’t need to be a CEO or Neurosurgeon either (although it would help, and a few of my clients are).

In fact, many of my clients have achieved levels of financial security on average Australian household incomes.

So if you tell yourself:

“That’s easy for them to do, they make way more money than I do” …. well, you would be mistaken.

And I suggest you grab the book below (it’s free)… Give yourself 30 mins to read a few pages… And if it doesn’t give you the insights you’re looking for, well… at least you have something to light the fire with later.

In this straight-talking, no-bullshit guide, you get all the goods, specifically:

    •  The 8 Money Laws the Rich Obey and the Rest Don’t
    • 6 Mortgage-crushing structures for you to consider implementing right now!
    • The Four Aussie Financial Types – which one are you and how will it impact your life?
    • Why the typical 30-year term loan is a Financial Death Sentence
    • How high-earning doctors, lawyers, business owners and professionals are most at risk of phoney ‘Instagram wealth’ and a life spent in debt
    • How choosing the wrong advisers and blind loyalty to a bank can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and literally rob you of the retirement you deserve
    • Three eye-opening interviews with highly qualified, influential accounting, tax and finance advisers to Australia’s billionaires


So, Who Is This For?

  • Well, it’s for every borrower – first home buyer, ambitious property investor and anyone in between needs to arm themselves with the lessons, knowledge and strategies shared in this book.
    • Does it feel like you’ve had a mortgage forever and want to understand how to to finally pay it off and start to build a nest egg?
    • Are you planning on borrowing for a property purchase soon, whether it’s your first or fifth?
    • Are you an experienced borrower, developer or investor who’s sick and tired of the boring, unimaginative borrowing structure from a Big Four Bank?
    • Are you a 50-something high-earner who’s finally got the kids through private school, bought a few properties and is now keen to secure your finances?

You will not get this type of ‘immediately actionable’ information from the newspaper, bank, your broker, fluffy personal finance books or anyone who is not seriously wealthy. The question to ask yourself is: Can you afford not to read this book?

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Disclaimer: This is not considered to be investment advice, the success stories are not typical and should not be viewed as expected results. All investment involves risk.