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My secret to spending less

Hands up who likes to spend?!



Spending and wealth go together like oil and water. 

And I’d like to be wealthy more than I like to spend.

If your hard-earned money is being transferred to someone else, how can you ever expect to create the financial security you seek?

​The first step in creating financial security is to have more money.

​​More money, wisely invested will, in the end, create the security we’re all looking for. Yeah, you too.

You can do this in a few ways.

You could earn more, whilst keeping your spending the same.

You could earn the same and spend less.

Pretty simple stuff.

There’s no need to overcomplicate the equation.

The problem is how to create the habits and discipline to manage your spending.

Usually, when people begin to earn more, they spend more. We’re only human.

Spending less requires ongoing efforts to watch every dollar that goes from your bank account to someone else’s, and have the ability to distinguish between necessity and frivolity.

So, clearly, we need some help, but what to do? 

Budget? I seldom meet people who run budgets and stick to them.

Most budgeting apps are play things that don’t create the necessary good habits. “I’ve overspent this month… oh well…”

MyBudget and similar organisations have a place but they don’t fix the problem – the spender’s bad habits.

Spreadsheets are good for focussing, but they take time and the majority of people just don’t make the time to create and maintain then adhere to the budget they’ve created.

The standout problem is compliance.

So why not flip it around so you only have a certain amount of money to be spent in each month or cycle? 

If you don’t have it, you can’t spend it, right?

My solution is to never pay myself enough to be frivolous.

I pay myself a modest wage, surprisingly low for the turnover we generate, and from that, I must make ends meet for the month.

When it’s gone, I’m eating tinned sardines on toast and reading a book on the couch.


Actually, no. This is the same type of structure I see most wealthy people enforce on themselves and their families.

You won’t think it’s extreme when after a couple of years of such strict discipline, not only will you have stoic spending habits and a different attitude to money, you’ll also have way more money/equity than you’ve ever had before, hopefully in your mortgage, reducing the true cost of borrowing to eventually own your home or investments…​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We don’t do personal budgeting but we ​show you how to put together the right sort of structure to help you create financial security, starting with your mortgage. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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