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Plug the leak now!

My jaw still drops when I see some of the interest rates that our soon-to-become-clients have been suffering with.

I call this ‘leaking’ because often, like leaks, the problem remains undiagnosed, ignored, swept under the rug with all the other “I’m too busy to look at this now” life admin. 

Apparently Instagram and all the other valueless junk cluttering up people’s lives is now important enough to outweigh personal finances, too. Good luck with that. 

Like plugging a leak, reducing how much you pay in interest each month is a very simple process.

It starts with a little drip, drip, drip. 

But slowly, steadily, leaks can cause awful, unsightly, costly damage that can be a real pain to repair.

A loan-leak does exactly the same thing, but, knowing what I know and seeing what I’ve seen, the cost of ignoring a loan-leak is way more expensive than a water leak.

Often, if left to leak for long enough, the damage (to your back pocket) will be beyond repair. 

Think about the impact this might have on your future financial security…

But, here’s the thing: You must take responsibility to repair the damage. 

Being such a simple problem to remedy and repair, usually with no outlay, one would have to ask why so many people can accept their hard-earned running down the drain every minute of every day.

I’ve got my toolkit, years of experience and licenses, PLUS, no-judgment hearing protection and ‘speak no BS’ face mask on.

Plug that leak now! It’s quick and easy, and we are the experts. 

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Brodie Brown
BH Brown Mortgage Brokers