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Should I consolidate debt? (These guys got a return of >$50,000 in 3-hours)

5-weeks ago an appointment popped in my diary from a new name.

Turns out she was a local Bicton lady who’d been with CBA for 20-years, had a few cards and some BNPL (buy-now-pay-later) thingies, plus a Harvey Norman latitude interest-free which wasn’t interest-free anymore. Funny that.

The CBA mortgage was one thing – the big 4 are easy to beat on rates – but the tally of the unsecured credit was where the real problem lay.

The figures were nuts. We did some math and worked out the first $15,000 of her income was going towards covering the unsecured bits.

Imagine 15% of your income going towards the things that are now in the garage or bin.

We also ‘found’ a $6k per-year interest-cost saving by switching her from CBA to a non-major with a pretty colour and better service plus a few grand cash-rebate.

Thanks for coming.

Debt-consolidation has really blown up in the previous few months.

What’s surprising is how it takes someone to feel discomfort to cause them to pull their finger out and do something.

What I’ve noticed in the previous 8-years is there is a (totally understandable but totally unnecessary) sense of embarrassment shared by the many people who get themselves into a pickle and need a bit of a hand to tidy things up.

I get it. I’ve cocked it up too. Got myself into a spot. Called in help. It sucks.

But, iIt’s nothing to be ashamed about at all. And I mean that. 

You should be excited by the prospect of making changes that will move you from where you are now to somewhere closer to where you need or want to be.

I’ve come up with an action list I call the  “6R’s”.

This is pretty good for me, I could have gone to 9R or even 13R pretty easily. 

Check it out:

  1. Review: sit down with a pro and review what you’ve got every 6-months
  2. Recalibrate: “carefully assess, set, adjust” where you are vs. where you want to be
  3. Restructure: i.e. consolidate, chop, clean, sweep, reduce, organise, all that shit. 
  4. Refinance: take action. Actually go ahead and finish the job.
  5. Reap the Rewards: nuff said. You know you need to do something to be rewarded.

Keep the noise down – that’s 5 points and 6 R’s. Alright.

I could add “Repeat” on here. This should be done frequently (minimum every 6-months!) or if you’re like me, obsessively.

All you business owners out there know how obsessive we need to be.

Come get the 6R’s (free) from us.

Go >>HERE to schedule a 10-min call with me or call the office on (08) 94331312 to request an appointment. 

There’s no ​charge for the call.