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Taking Responsibility for your own situation

If you’ve been receiving these emails for a year or so, you may know a) I’m addicted to skiing and windsurfing, and… b) a couple of years ago I broke my leg badly in Switzerland…

What you didn’t know is that not only did I break my leg, at the same time the tendon was ripped off the right arm bone at the beginning of that trip and I underwent rotator cuff surgery only four weeks after having seven pins and a plate screwed into my right leg.

What you definitely didn’t know that twelve weeks after that surgery I was back under the knife having bone scraped away from the left clavicle as the bone was shearing the tendon and causing it to fray, causing terrific pain.

But wait, there’s more…less than a year after all that, just as muscle was beginning to grow on the right leg and I was about 70% mobile, I was laid up for another ten weeks while recovering from the removal of the broken hardware.

I can hear you sobbing…

Look, I’m from a stiff upper lip family, so this is NOT a ‘poor me’ email. 

This story is about the major reminder-lesson from this shitty period and how it relates to so many areas of our lives.  

“We are entirely responsible for our own situation”

Let me relate…

The surgeon who fixed my shoulders gave me a generic one-size-fits-all pamphlet of rehab exercises for the ten weeks after each surgery.

But this is the same pamphlet that everyone gets no matter their age, condition, level of fitness, whatever.

So, maybe slightly arrogantly, I felt it didn’t apply to me.

Instead, countless hours were invested in researching shoulder and leg rehab programs.

Dozens of e-books, journals and downloads were consumed. PDF’s from American universities were pilfered and read. Specialist shoulder rehab programs were searched for online. The physios had their brains picked. Two specialist chiropractors were seen with obsessive regularity. Slightly wacky movement classes were attended.

More than $5,000 was invested in specialist remedial massage, dry needling, physio, personal training and chiropractic care. 

No expense was spared. 

I was glued to YouTube. I trained using mind-numbing and downright boring ‘theraband’ workouts with a miserable frown while everyone around me at the gym gets a sweat on, is lean, fit and doing interesting stuff.

Don’t forget the balls, knuckles, rollers. Religious stretching. Popping pills, potions, powders and took more supplements-of-hope than I care to think about. 

$1,000’s was invested on podiatry including pneumatic machine massage and barefoot “like a tiger” walks on the beach to re-activate all the muscles in the lower limbs. 

I’ve monkey-hung, pushed up, dumbelled, cable pressed, fly-ed and dipped to exhaustion. 

To get strong as quickly as possible, back to flying on the windsurfer and ready to shred pow on the skis – there’s nothing that wasn’t done, there were no shortcuts.

Guess what? 

It was boring as hell. Dead boring. Monotonous. Mind numbing. Kill me now.

But it got done. 

No surgeon or medical professional told me to do this. 

It got done because the WHY was of such extreme importance to me that there really is no other choice. 

To me, it was a choice of ‘get fit or die trying’. I got fit, but almost died of boredom in the process.

I thought this story is important to share because it relates to so many things in all our lives: Family relationships, love, becoming good at something, getting through emotionally and physically trying times, losing all your money, losing someone important to you. A breakup. Losing your job. Being unhealthy or fat. So many things.

Everything you want from or are missing from life or tough situation you may be in, now, or in future is surmountable.

You can get through it. And you can come out of it smarter and stronger. 

But here’s the thing – YOU have to be the one who takes responsibility for doing so.

About your finances:


If you work too much and want more free time – YOU have to make the change. 

If you’ve been paid $500,000 per year for ten years and have nothing to show for it – YOU have to figure out what to do. 

If you don’t have the type of work you want and are not being paid what you’re worth – it’s UP TO YOU to fix it. 

If you have a $1.6m mortgage and you’re running out of time to repay it but you have no plan – it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make one. 

I can help with advice on finance structuring, mortgages, repayment strategies, debt-recycling, investment property strategy and some types of wealth building, BUT, I can’t take the action for you. 

I can’t buy the books and read them for you. I can’t shop for the property and buy it for you.

I can’t set up the repayment plan, find the CPA and tax experts for you.

That’s all up to YOU. 

You have to put your mind to it. You must be the one constantly thinking about it.

But get this: if you DO decide to take responsibility, you will be rewarded very handsomely. 


Your courage to begin, willingness to learn, discipline to act consistently, and perseverance in applying yourself will be repaid many times over and forever. 

The sad thing is about humans, is too few people accept their responsibility for the situation they are in. 

But it’s never too late to change. With this, we can start at any time. 

So if you’re ready to take responsibility and are motivated to get ahead, start by requesting a 10-minute intro call with me

Now it’s up to you. 


Brodie Brown
BH Brown Mortgage Brokers