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The call was worth $4,900 to him

Here’s the problem: loans have been dumbed down by clever marketers to be about one thing – the interest rate. 

This is a bit like mass mind-control or brainwashing if you want to take it a little further. 

You hear me bang on about it a lot and here I go again.

Why so much focus on a thing which is out of your control? Even God can’t get a 2.19% interest rate anymore. Go and ask him, I already know the answer. 

Why don’t we talk more about things like structure and repayment amounts and prepayment and how to get an offset working for you properly, and most importantly, what the hell you’re doing with your money and why more of it isn’t going into the loan. 

Remember the golden rule: the shorter the loan period, the less interest you’ll pay. 

This week a well-to-do lawyer took advantage of the free intro consult I offer (which I am told should not be free) and within 8-minutes I had proposed a simple change to his loan structure which will see him $4,900 better off in the next 12-months. This is no joke.  

What’s more, it has NOTHING to do with the rate. 

He was like, “a-ha, why didn’t (broker at big bank) tell me that?” 

Why would they? Two reasons why not: They are kept fat, making billions by keeping you in the dark, uneducated and ill-advised; and Second – do you think that top-flight brokers are going to be working as an employee at a bank? Really? It’s such a stupid question I wonder why I have to even ask it. 

As an employer always looking to hire the best, I interview dozens of wannabe brokers who are currently employed at a bank. No, they do not pass the test. No, they do not know how to problem solve (how can they, they have only one product – theirs). No, they are not business people, and no, they do not know financial security and that’s why they take the “I don’t need to be outstanding” route and work at a bank. 

I field the complaints from clients on the arse-end of bad bank service. 

Here comes the rant… As a successful businessman my love language is numbers. I have to deal with all the elements of finance, manage a machine and ensure a net profit arrives each month. Trust me, an employed broker does not have the knowledge you need to help you sleep soundly at night knowing you are doing all that can be done.

The truth can hurt. But the reality is, if you’re dealing with a bank, or low-level broker you are getting substandard, detrimental results. Do not jeopardise your family’s financial health by leaving it in the hands of someone who is not qualified to advise you. 

In my 23-years of business I’ve found the smartest people to be amongst the most curious, the most humble and most open-minded. They want to know what they might possibly be missing. 

Take a leaf out of their book and schedule your free 10-minute intro call, valued at $4,900 $54.80. 

Go >>here to schedule your call. 

P.s. there a no spots until mid-next week so I have opened up a limited number of extras. Book today. 


Brodie Brown

BH Brown Mortgage Brokers