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The dead pledge

Why do most people want to make the minimum repayment on their mortgage? 

Stop and think for a moment why this attitude and indeed ACTION makes no sense at all. 

In fact, it’s quite stupid. 

A quick refresher on the humble mortgage (literally a “pledge until death”, from a time when people spoke funny, said whence and thence, hither and thither) which remains the most clever financial instrument devised and the backbone of billions of bank profit. 

You are buying the money. You are not buying the home. You knew that.

So, if we are on the same page, why do you insist on paying the minimum?

Why don’t you insist on paying the maximum?

Why is the mortgage fed apple peel and crusts when it deserves steak frites?

Treating your mortgage like a beggar is like starving a teenage boy. 

He’s not gonna grow up big and strong. And so too will your bank account starve.

He’ll end up weak and feeble and thus your financial security will remain so forevermore. 

Rich people do not keep non-income producing, “bad” loans for long periods. 

Use the bank for your ends. Hark! Beware of being used for theirs. 

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Alas, you probably won’t do anything about it. 


Brodie Brown

BH Brown Mortgage Brokers