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The Key to Financial Success: Mentorship and Coaching

Full disclosure, I’m not as young as I look or sound. Or… sometimes, act. 


Since the age of 22 I’ve had my ear glued to the phone, in and out of properties – selling them, writing business, starting businesses, growing businesses, buying property, studying relentlessly, observing the successful people, pitying the failures, learning from both and emulating the successes. 


Fast forward nearly 23 years and behold, I’ve amassed more than two decades of property, finance and business experience and still each day remains a day of eager, enthusiastic learning. 


One lesson that I have fully learned and appreciate is that and one that you must know as a current or future investor is that to make real money, you’ve got to be active in the investment. The passive investment concept is a myth. 


The fabled buy and hold idea, dreamy in its simplicity, does not work. You may choose to argue with me that it’s safe or you know someone who it’s worked for, or the seminar-spook you paid $50k to say it does, but the reality is that for 90% of the population, it does not. 


I don’t like odds of 1 in 10, and nor should you. 


To make bank, you need to follow a few basic steps, including, but not limited to: find value, create value, ensure growth, ensure a profit, guard against the downside, have a plan for the downside, make and take a profit in a reasonable time frame. 


We are not talking big-end-of-town corporate finance, that’s completely different. We’re talking about creating financial security which means replacing your earned income with non-earned income. 


To get there, you must be active. You must understand that what seems low risk is actually high risk (buy and hold), and that the opposite (buy, do something, take a profit and repeat) is far safer. One is investment, the other is enterprise. 


If you are loaded and have bulk funds needing a safe home, you are a) not reading this email right now, and; b) going to land-bank because that’s a safe place to park a couple of mil. The rest of us who are still on the up are not in that position, so we’ve gotta get busy. 


The key in all of this is mentorship and coaching. Watching ALL FOR ONE recently, the story about the Orica Green Edge Aussie cycling team, you’ve got some of the very best cyclists in the world who are all able to self-coach, that are helicopter-coached, almost nannied so they follow every single tiny aspect of their programme to the T. 


Why some people decide to DIY and fuck it up, lose money and go backwards is beyond me. This, to save a relatively small fee paid to an expert coach and guard against loss. Your plan should always be something like DFY (Done for You), then if you want to roll your sleeves up, DWY (Done With You) and finally DIY, preferably with some mentorship. 


People pay $25k to a private school per year for one child but balk at a $15k one-off for hands-on property coaching. The former has a high likelihood of failure and waste, the latter is a smart move with an almost guaranteed manifold payoff, which is you setting yourself for a secure retirement. 


I’ve got three tried, true, trusted, vetted and experienced coaches and consultants that work with my clients and have done so with terrific success and profits.


They are fussy and won’t be working with or for anyone. True experts and professionals enjoy that luxury.


If you’re interested in working with one of them, the first step is a screening call with me to assess suitability and ensure no-one’s time is going to be wasted. 


Book your 10-min intro call with me here to get started. 




Brodie Brown

Professional Mortgage Broker