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They did the dumbest thing…

A few years ago, I was dealing with a couple who were telling me their investment property had, wait for it….. “stopped going up”.

They also told me it was, get ready….. “stressing them out”.

I went to great lengths to help them understand that over the long-term, the value will continue to rise and that the stress is not real, but imagined.

They couldn’t articulate any valid, real reason to be stressed. It was literally just the thought of that extra responsibility that was stressing them out, or it could have been something unrelated – who knows?

I even managed to convince them to speak to their Accountant so he could show them just how strong a position they were in and that the numbers looked good.

They were doing an excellent job of raising their family, mind you, they have their heads screwed on and are perfectly responsible, so it wasn’t like they weren’t legitimately mentally or physically able to handle it.

With the wholehearted approval of the Accountant, I suggested we restructure the mortgages so that it would be even easier for them to handle it.

But what they ended up doing defied all sense of reason and rational thinking…


Brodie Brown

BH Brown Mortgage Brokers