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Three Truths I learned the hard way

These three Truths relate to skiing as much as they do to you owning a veritable bundle of high-quality, income-producing assets.

This was meant to be a really short blog, but by the time I added in a few examples, it grew. 

Take a few minutes to read it, I hope you get something motivational out of it. 

Truth 1: It’s all about time on the hill. When I, or one of my ski buddies can’t yet do something (straight-line moguls for instance) and is caught up on why they can’t do it, we just say ‘time on the hill’. 

You gotta get stuck into it every single day if you want to get good. The more time spent doing the thing you want to be good at, the better at it you will become. Even if you don’t get coaching, you will still improve if you put in the hours.

Truth 2: Expect pain if you want to gain. Look, I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve stacked it. Like, every time I go up the hill, I fall pretty hard at least once. With a big whoomph followed by the groan of pain coming from a guy about to turn 44-years young. 

Here’s the thing, I accept there’s gonna be some hurt. I’ve understood for as long as I can remember that I will make some big mistakes on the road to becoming good at that thing I’m working on. 

Could be employing the wrong staff member, could be making the wrong choice on a major software piece. Doesn’t matter, I accept I will occasionally cock it up – and I’m okay with that.

Truth 3: You gotta pick yourself up and try again. I broke my leg, shattering my ankle skiing in Switzerland in 2020. If ever I’ve experienced a cataclysmic, life-changing mess, this was it. 

With the backdrop of the outbreak of Covid, and basically not being able to get repatriated from an isolated ski town, it was pretty bad. 

Funny thing is, the first thought that flashed through my mind immediately AFTER breaking my leg was “I need to ski more”. To some, that might sound a bit mentally warped. But if you really think about it, the opposite is true. 

I stacked because a) I was exhausted; b) the equipment was new and untested; and c) I was going too fast in new terrain and misread the mountain. 

a) was my fault and I knew it at the time and I know it so well now I will never forget to be properly rested and fuelled up; but c) was caused by my not being good enough. The ONLY way to get good, as I say in Truth 1 is to spend more time on the hill – keep at it, try again.  

Like you, I’ve made disastrous wrong calls in every area of my life, from relationships to business ventures to investments to skiing the wrong line. 

I’ve always picked myself up and tried again and I’m better and stronger for doing so.

I hadn’t skied since that accident until this time last year. I’m telling you now, just to get the ski boot back on the once-broken leg was a huge psychological hurdle. But now I’m back to shredding and damn it feels good. 

To successfully accumulate income-producing assets, to become financially secure, you’re going to make some mistakes – guaranteed. 

How much time you continue to spend learning about getting it right, accepting that you’re going to stuff it up occasionally and picking yourself up when you do will go a long way to deciding how truly successful you will become.

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Brodie Brown

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