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To have financial security and peace of mind you MUST be insured

I’m still surprised when we’re dealing with a Client with no protection.

Like, if you’re on a mine site, and something bad, or terrible happens – how are you going to pay the bills?

Or, you have a car accident and you’re off work for 9-months.

Or, your significant other is ill, they can’t work and neither can you because you must take care of them.

I’m not negative by nature – not one bit – but I always consider risks and do what’s required to guard against them.

Shit happens.

And it will usually happen at least once in your lifetime.

You’ve gotta make sure you’ve got protection in place to INSURE (vb: secure or protect someone against something; a contingency) yourself against it.

Yes – against the shit that happens.

It’s not just the initial shit. It’s the shit that happens after the initial shit.

The missed repayments. The knock-on effects. Taking the kids out of the good school away from their teachers and mates. The slide backwards. The slippery slope downwards. The total loss of confidence. The emotional struggle which can last years, or a lifetime.

You don’t think I know?

Try dealing with a gnarly spiral leg fracture in Switzerland in the first few freaked-out months of COVID.

Stranded, in a Swiss hospital, incapacitated, with business overheads needing to be met, staff to maintain and Clients to take care of.

My beard and hair went speckled grey in two short months. A good night’s sleep took more than 9 months to come. It redefined the meaning of ‘down in the dumps’. 

I’ve even got a video I filmed from earlier in the day when I was shredding powder with my mates, having the time of my life and then – Boom! Like that. Everything is different. 

Fortunately, I was well-covered, had the support of my family and luckily, managed to write a tonne of business from my bed. (actually broke my record of $6m in a month whilst in bed which was pretty cool)

I had to shut the office, only leaving to complete paperwork, hobbling with crutches and a backpack to see Clients.

This actually happened.

It could have been WAY worse.

If you’ve got a mortgage, kids at decent schools, people you love and are obliged to take care of – no matter what – you’ve got to be covered.

Problem is, because insurances are intangible and it takes a professional to understand the fine print, few people really know what they’ve got.

Take my word for it – don’t do this yourself. Get a pro. I’m savvy and wouldn’t go near it.

I recommend my own Adviser – Andrew Duckett at Securitas Protect. They’ve done a bloody good job by me and my Clients and kept it really simple.

Also, they do offer a special service for the transitioners – those of you who are moving to the retirement phase.

Just email my office as you normally would, tell me in a few words what you’d like to see happen and I’ll make the intro if there’s a good fit.

Oh, and always wear your helmet. This has saved my life a few times at least!



Brodie Brown

Professional Mortgage (not insurance) Broker