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Tricks I keep up my sleeve that save Our clients a small fortune

Who would have predicted that – almost on Christmas eve – the phone would be ringing hot with new purchasing biz coming through?

We’ve always excelled in cost and interest reduction aka refinancing/restructuring, so the level of work we’ve been doing since the rate hikes started wasn’t a surprise.

The market seems to be bubbling along at just the right tempo for all those people who didn’t make a move when everyone else did.

Only a tiny handful of experts know this info I’m about to share with you:

For the right people only, we have an outstanding product where we can obtain investment lending at owner-occupied rates. Yep, WOW. I know. 

You’re probably thinking it’s too good to be true. Well, sorry naysayers, it’s not.

Those who want to get access better pull their finger out and make that call to us because these products can be withdrawn at any time. Oh yeah, and there’s a chunky cashback too.

Big banks aren’t competing with different products like this. Go that way and try to do it yourself if you wish, but the net result is you’ll be worse off. Why would you want that?

Also, if it’s urgent and you’re organised, we’re geared up to complete a full application and lodge within a day. 

Have you just taken a full time job and can’t wait to get into the market? Today, we received formal approval on a loan where the wife had less than a week at her current job. 

No income, all equity? Last week we arranged a big chunk of renovation funding for a low-key revonator with no income. Big ass western suburbs home that was unencumbered. We only needed the funds for 12-18 months. 

Finally, we’ve got exclusive access to 85% loan-to-value loans with NO lender’s mortgage insurance at VERY sharp rates. This is a smart move to keep that cost off your personal balance sheet if you don’t quite have the 20% deposit.

’nuff said.

Yeah, so, do I need to give you any more reasons to engage us as your Professional Mortgage Broker?<<

p.s. Happy Christmas. Have fun. I’ll be around to work on urgent deals. Use this scheduling tool to request a 10-min call. 


Brodie Brown

Professional Mortgage Broker