Millionaire Mortgage Secrets

Get the FINANCE PLAYBOOK of Australia’s WEALTHIEST people.

Learn How you can pay off your mortgage incredibly FAST, save money and years of being in debt.

The Property Finance Playbook of Australia’s WEALTHIEST People.

Millionaire Mortgage Secrets:
How the richest Aussies repay MASSIVE loans incredibly FAST, save HUGE SUMS of money and years of being in debt.

Australia has the 2nd highest level of household debt in the world!

Insane property prices, lack of financial education, high cost of living ($5 coffee anyone?!) AND a self-serving banking industry are just a few of the contributors to this worrying situation.

There has never been a more critical time for ALL borrowers to step up to their financial challenges and get back in control of their money.

Finally, a straightforward, easy to understand property finance book that reveals the mindset, habits, strategies and tools Australia’s most wealthy people have been using for decades to BEAT THE SYSTEM.

Working alongside extremely wealthy individuals in business, property and finance has taught me that rich people play by a very different set of rules. They somehow manage to rapidly smash out vast loans, then use that wealth and the free cash flow to exponentially expand their wealth.

These VITAL, critically fundamental economic life skills MUST be learned and used in our lives if we are to ever competently and confidently tackle large debts like a mortgage or any big property finance commitment.

Every borrower – first home buyer, ambitious property investor and anyone in between needs to arm themselves with the lessons, knowledge and strategies shared in this book.

  • Does it feel like you’ve had a mortgage forever and want a solution to finally pay it off and start to build a nest egg?
  • Are you planning on borrowing for a property purchase soon, whether it’s your first or fifth?
  • Are you an experienced borrower, developer or investor who’s sick and tired of the boring, unimaginative borrowing structure from a Big Four Bank?
  • Are you a 50-something high-earner who’s finally got the kids through private school, bought a few properties and is now keen to reduce your debt fast?

That’s why I wrote this book and why you MUST download and read it today.

In this straight-talking, no-bullshit guide, you get all the goods, specifically:

  •  The 8 Money Laws the Rich Obey and the Rest Don’t
  • 6 Mortgage-crushing structures for you to consider implementing right now!
  • The Four Aussie Financial Types – which one are you and how will it impact your life?
  • What the banks don’t tell us that the rich already know
  • Why the typical 30-year term loan is a Financial Death Sentence
  • How high-earning doctors, lawyers, business owners and professionals are most at risk of phoney ‘Instagram wealth’ and a life spent in debt
  • How choosing the wrong advisers and blind loyalty to a bank can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and literally rob you of the retirement you deserve
  • Three eye-opening interviews with highly qualified, influential accounting, tax and finance advisers to Australia’s billionaires

You will not get this type of ‘immediately actionable’ information from the newspaper, bank, your broker, fluffy personal finance books or anyone who is not seriously wealthy. The question to ask yourself is: Can you afford not to read this book?


Proof that MILLIONAIRE MORTGAGE SECRETS has already dramatically changed the financial lives of hundreds of our clients!

The question is, are you next?

  • Are you sick and tired getting absolutely no help or guidance from your bank?
  • Do you feel like you’ve been left fending for yourself while the bank makes billions in profits?
  • Are you tired of ridiculously lazy service and lack of transparency?

Wouldn’t you prefer a “feel-good” borrowing experience with Excellent Service, Dedicated Customer Care and a Focus on your Financial Goals?

Then read these amazing success stories from actual, real clients…

Gavin and Shirley

“The irony is that before Brodie we had one loan P&I and the other Interest only, now we’ve got both on P&I and we’re paying less while actually paying off our loans. Our cash flow has improved so much we could afford to spend a few weeks doing up our investment property while it was vacant!

When Brodie said he was going to do something, he did it. He kept his word.”

Will save more than $45,000 in interest in the next 3 years! 

Gavin and Shirley are hard-working people and awesome parents. They put both their kids through the best private schools in Perth so they could have all the opportunities possible. They’ve also invested in a property to secure their kid’s get a strong financial start, too.

Now, with their kids graduated, it’s all about securing THEIR financial prospects for a worry-free retirement.

We restructured and refinanced Gavin and Shirley’s loans into a simple, yet extremely flexible loan structure where they are not only making huge progress, they have access to cash for any challenge life throws at them.


With a few talented kids, hectic professional careers with lots of travel, time is a scarce commodity to Mark and Annie. Their finance arrangements didn’t get the focus they required.

With a handful of investment properties and managed funds all tied up in an inefficient and ineffective loan structure they were spinning their wheels and going nowhere.

We fully restructured their loans to a more responsive lender suited to their goals, dramatically reducing the interest cost while retaining full flexibility. We also made a plan in concert with their professional partners to target the debt in the most effective, risk-minimising way.

Mark and Annie

“We’ll save $14,000 in interest this year and our repayments are $300 less per month!

We’ve been with the same Big Bank for 20 years now, probably because it was easy. After talking to Brodie we realised we could be doing a lot better!
Our cash flow is better now and we’re repaying our debt. We’re in a better position now, moving in the right direction. Brodie opened our eyes up to what is possible.”

Paul and Caro

“We wish we did this 20 years ago… Brodie has our best interests at heart and we are now fully in control.
What a great thing to do because it made us think about where our money was going and how can we do this better. It was painless, so valuable to us…. I can see we’ve got a good future, Brodie has really taught us a lot.”

Super-parents Paul and Caro have done the best job possible of raising their kids including paying for one of their children to attend the prestigious Melbourne University where she aced her Masters.

They’ve also allowed just a bit too much financial generosity over the years and it caught up to them.

Now, they have decided to get back in control of their money and put in place a strategy that will afford them the type of retirement lifestyle that includes holidays to wonderful places and an exciting bucket list.

We restructured their loans so they’ve got a team of people working with them to achieve their financial goal of repaying their home in 12 years, which we think they’ll achieve.

After a helping hand from their parents, busy young professionals Shane and Meg were keen get their parents off the title to their property and take full ownership and responsibility for their future.

At the same time, they wanted to make some improvements to their home that were desperately needed.

We built a team around them to advise on and facilitate the transaction so they could continue to work and manage their busy young family. In quick time, we had removed their parents from the title, minimised transfer fees, and created a renovation and slush fund with a new, superior lender. They were stoked!

Shane and Meg

“If we tried to deal directly with the bank it would have been unbelievably hard. Brodie knew ways to make our money work for us better.
Brodie broke it down for us so we fully understood what we were signing up to, we had to do no paperwork. After this experience, I would never again try to navigate the banks myself!”

Pete and Izzy

“Because of our situation, we thought our options would be limited, but ended up not feeling limited at all - Brodie gave us some great options.

Brodie advised us how to keep financial security behind us. We feel we’ve got a good, robust financial understanding now. It’s our money and we feel like we’re in control of it.”

High-earning mining professionals Pete and Izzy have a demanding FIFO career. Due to Visa constraints their regular, policy-restricted bank couldn’t help with a home loan. Due to their incomes they needed a future-proof finance structure too.

With their schedule, there was absolutely no way they could do the legwork to find a lender which could help.

Our team made countless phone calls and sent dozens of emails to more than 20 lenders to nut out the options - at no cost and with no obligation. We ended up getting them a suite of well-researched options from multiple lenders and they were in a position to make a fully informed and educated choice.

Flying between Perth and Sydney as a State Manager for a major travel company while being a superstar dad and husband is no easy feat but Zoran kills it. However one thing that wasn’t getting killed was his debt.

He and his wife were also toying with multiple future property strategies including renovating and investing in another property.

We consolidated his credit cards and performed a full credit clean up, while moving his lending to a ‘friendly bank’ that would support his future plans, putting him back in control and saving him thousands of dollars each year in the process. 


“We consolidated and streamlined our lending, while preparing for our future property plans. We’ve saved heaps of money, too.

Before, we never had the kind of conversations about how to manage our loans. Now it’s like picking up the phone to a mate, he understands our family and our goals. Between the banks and other brokers I’ve dealt with there’s no comparison to Brodie.”  

Brodie Brown

Brodie Brown is not your average mortgage broker. In an 18-year career that stretches from high profile property sales in London’s busiest sales office to fintech and fashion start-ups, property investment and finance broking, he’s amassed a detailed working knowledge of finance and business which is underpinned by one very important element – credit.

He brings broad perspective, deep experience, and impressive knowledge to his client’s mortgage and finance challenges. It wouldn’t matter if his client is an academic or astronaut, manager or millionaire, the service is the same and he’s behind them every step of way. Forward but always professional, he calls it as he sees it and will be your most staunch and dependable ally whether you owe $500,000 or $5m.

“Highly recommended! Brodie’s customer service was excellent. His advice and knowledge on loan structures along with his dedication to provide me the best possible product has set up my family’s financial future.

Thanks again mate”

Danny G

There is NO CATCH!

So many mortgage and finance brokers rely on third-party digital marketers to market their services with pathetic e-books and other lightweight downloads that have zero benefit to the subscriber. They are a waste of time and insults your intelligence. That’s what happens when a copywriter with NO real-world experience writes a book about loans and finance! I can tell you this is NOT one of those useless, time-wasting downloads!

Here’s our most frequency asked questions:

What's it cost?

This seems kind of crazy to say but our clients pay nothing. The lender will pay us a commission if and when we do transact or refinance the loans of a client.

Is it Risk-free?

There is zero risk in downloading this book. If you would like us to improve your finance situation, then we would openly and honestly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the action we’re considering taking.

If this book is so good, why give it away?

This information needs to be read and understood by as many people as possible, even if you think you ‘know it all’. My aim as a finance specialist and broker is to educate – this ebook is just one way to achieve that.

What exactly do you do?

Technically I’m a Mortgage and Finance Broker but that’s hardly descriptive. I work closely with my clients to align their loans and finance to their life goals. This might involve refinancing and restructuring loans, introducing clients to unassociated but trusted professionals to close the loop and give a complete service.

What are your qualifications?

I have a Commerce Degree majoring in Business Law and Marketing, plus a Certificate IV in Mortgage and Finance broking. My credit representative number is 499384 and our current aggregator is Finsure.

What will I do with your info?

Myself or one of our team will email and call you to follow up and get your thoughts on the book and offer our help. If you’re genuinely interested in improving your financial position, you will actually need to take some action, so a conversation with us will be the first step to figuring out how we improve things for you.

Am I obliged in any way?

Not at all. I’d really like your business though, and I hope this book proves I know what I’m talking about.

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HURRY, this FREE offer is available for a limited time only.

Here’s why:

We reckon you’ll love this book and want our help.  But because we are a specialist property finance company (not a generic home loan factory) we can only accept a maximum of 5 new clients per week to maintain our exceptional service standards.

If, after reading this book, you can honestly tell me that you learnt absolutely nothing new, I GUARANTEE you will not hear from me again. EVER.

Brodie Brown

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