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What you can learn from my Chinese cleaning lady

Grace, the Chinese lady who cleans my little villa near the beach, asked me if I knew how she could make more money…

Turns out that in less than 6 years, on a modest, almost-6-figure income, she has completely paid off her $470,000 mortgage.

Impressive. What a champ.

This is a true demonstration of good money habits and the antidote to the “I don’t earn enough money” or, “Perth is a really expensive place to live” false thought-paradigm. I made that phrase up but it makes sense to me.

Grace works her butt off, I know this because when I shuffle into the office 0830 Saturday morning, rescue coffee in hand, second-wearing a shirt, thinking I’m hard done-by, Grace is already there with her vacuum jet-pack strapped on finishing off her job.

And she’s smiling. She’s always got a little smile on her face.

In her cute broken English she tells me she’s been going since 5am.

My office is her third job.

Superstar. She rocks. I love her.

We began talking about her next move (yes, we need to draw lots of pictures to understand each other) and it’s looking like she’s going to either sell her current home (no capital gains tax) and move closer to town OR buy an investment property (tax benefits and rental income).

It’s early days and I offered her a free Strategy Session so we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

We get really excited guiding people into their first or third or fifth investment.

It’s something we think we’re pretty good at and have gotten some excellent results. (a client from four years ago got in touch today and told me a property I advised him to buy is about $190,000 up!!)

You can book a quick call with me to discuss property investing =>HERE.

Here’s the take-home point:

My Chinese cleaning lady who works by herself, has been in Aus for 10 years, comes from a part of China that has the most severe winter weather imaginable and can’t say $660,000 without drawing the zero’s in the air has kung-fu kicked her big mortgage to $0 in less than a quarter of the 25-year loan term.

With a smile on her face.

This is going to be one of those stories when in 15 years I am hanging out with my loaded ex-cleaning lady in her riverside mansion eating the szechuan scallops he chef has prepared while she complains she can’t find a decent cleaning lady.

Next time you’re wondering why your mortgage won’t evaporate (when really it’s your fault you spend too much) think of my Chinese cleaning lady.

There are tricks and strategies.

Most of them are covered in the Millionaire Mortgage Secrets book.

Most of you reading this won’t apply them, but I bet there’s a handful of you who really want to, you might just need a non-judgemental and expert helping hand.

That’s my job. My team and I are here to help you get ahead financially.

To prove it, check out our 100-plus 5-Star Google Reviews.

So you want to make money and be Financially Secure? Get in touch by booking a quick call =>HERE.

Here’s to your Financial Security,
Brodie “My cleaning lady is rich” Brown