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Why didn’t they tell us this shit?

Sitting across from two hard-working, wanna-get-ahead clients who’ve been working with me for the last 5-years, I finished up an excited discourse explaining the forces that are working against them, “The Game” they are inadvertently in and how to play to win. 

In particular, I was explaining the difference between earning and saving interest (it’s in my book, read it) how powerful it is, that “doing nothing is doing something” and a valid course of action, and a number of other concepts I teach in these messages but explained in instructive detail. 

There’s few things better for learning than being taught one on one with an expert, a pad and a pen. 

The husband looks up from the scribbles on the pad, stares me dead in the eyes and says “why didn’t anyone tell us this shit?!”.

Well, it’s simple – why the hell would they? Bank muppets and most broker-drones make more money if they keep you dumb. 

Full disclosure, the wife and I worked closely together a few years ago to restructure and streamline their mortgage and boy have they smashed it. 

It was the extra cash they had saved, the massive reduction in mortgage that had created the financial security and investment options which caused them to book the 1-hr Property & Finance Strategic Planning Session (currently just $299 plus gst for the hour).

Remember, I got into Mortgage Advice and Broking from property via small business because the clients I was meeting couldn’t afford to buy an investment property due to mortgage MISmanagement and a fundamental lack of knowledge. 

I see it as my obligation to educate, instruct, inform, show and tell my clients who trust me, to become mortgage-free. This is an education and relationship process. 

Why am I different? Because I see the long-term advantage to them and my business. If I show them how to smash their loans, they are free to borrow again, sooner and will refer their friends. 

Simple strategy and it works.

Now, everything I teach is in my book.

Coming soon is a NEW BOOK of the more than 300 emails I’ve written to you in the previous 6-years. Try 23-years of property and finance knowledge on for size why don’t ya.

8-years from now, with a paltry twenty grand in cash and a stubborn mortgage balance, don’t YOU be the one to say “why didn’t anyone tell me this shit?!” – because I did, and I’m doing it again. Study the free material I put out. 

Read my book then get started with a Complimentary 10-minute Property and Finance Consultation.

I interview you, assess you for suitability then suggest next steps. You don’t shop me for interest rates, because you’re smart, have read my book and know that’s NOT going to be the thing that saves you time and money. 

These are valued at $54.80 but remain free. It’s likely they will not remain free. You’re getting professional mortgage advice from an independently-wealthy industry leader who walks the talk. 

Book here now or call the office on (08)94331312.


Brodie Brown
BH Brown Mortgage Brokers